Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hello Ultra Distance Cycling Enthusiasts:  Bloomington, Indiana is alive and well.  We are still "the shangrila of Indiana", a liberal college town always bucking heads with the current political landscape.

The city is now a GOLD level League of American Bicyclists Bike Friendly City, as we are striving to get to platinum one of these years.  A few causes will help us achieve this.

USBR 235 is a scenic spur of USBR 35 in Indiana and for the past couple of years, along with Adventure Cycling and INDOT I have been trying to get official recognition of this by all jurisdictions along the way.  When completed this will be quite a scenic and bicycle historic route that starts in Indianapolis and through Martinsville, Bloomington, Nashville and ending south of Columbus.

Our Bloomington Bicycle Club is promoting the building of a bike/ped bridge over the soon to be completed Interstate 69.  This I-69 divides our metropolitan area and we feel we need a safe passageway for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The city and county continue to add bicycle facilities but too slowly by my account.  We have been working with both governments in achieving this bicycle mission.

Sylvia and I just saw the filming of 3089 Miles Across America up in Indy along with a film about the US/UK 8 man team record holder in RAAM.  They were both well done and inspiring.  I was honored to be included in the credits along with the other time station captains.

We're the largest metropolitan area along the route, so we have everything to offer here.  We encourage all the crews to stop and we'll assist you with whatever you may need.  I always take a break from cycling during the 5 days of RAAM here in Bloomington, and again we strive to be there 24/7 for y'all.

See you in June.

Monday, May 30, 2016

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It's much easier for me to use this medium than the blog.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Just Waiting

Tropical Storm Bill will be moving out tomorrow on Saturday.  The leaders won't be here until Monday afternoon, which is a lot better than the unpredicatable middle of the night, as the leaders always sleep west of Bloomington at night and we have to wait.  Looks as if Strasser has some competition this year.  Go Dave!!! USA! USA! USA!

Crews: Do not follow the alternate route for crew vehicles between TS 38 and TS 39.  Some large RV's will not be able to make some of the turns in this center of the city.  I've told RAAM every year to change it, but they don't listen to me.  Take this as a warning, and do not bitch at me when you finally reach TS 39.

No grocery store at the parking lot.  There is a 24 hr Krogers two blocks to the south and a 24 hr Marsh 2 blocks to the east.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

And here's our favorite, Christoff Strausser, from 2011
Time to get ready for RAAM TS 39.  My wife, Sylvia, and I had a lot of fun last year.  Lisa Oliphant Brown kept her company and they became fast friends.  Alas, she and husband Buff moved to Tigard, a suburb of Portland a couple of months ago.  However, we are flying out there to visit and then ride Cycle Oregon on the tandem.

I seem to remember we had an issue with one of the legs of our tent, so I'd better put it up in the back yard.  What I don't remember is how damaged it got.  I think I've got things covered with a sledge hammer and duct tape.
I'm preparing for our club's (BBC) double century this year.  It's usually a loop, but one of those way back when was a one way Ride Up INdiana, RUIN from the Ohio River to the Michigan line on the eastern edge.  This year I've come up with a one way named RORIN from Evansville to Hanover.  Just in case you can't figure out the acronym: Ride the Ohio River of INdiana.  It's got to be the most beautiful 200 miles I've ever come up with.  I just hope I finish.  Dave Tanner, a RAAM veteran of many years, will be riding it along with five others.

Things have changed a little at TS 39.  There is not a grocery store within walking distance of your RV anymore.  However, there is a Marsh a couple blocks away to the left of the route after the loop de loop.  We still have the two CVS's to confuse all of you.  The time station is by the second CVS you see.  There should be plenty of RAAM signs to guide you as I've saved every RAAM sign I've gathered over the years.  Next year in 2016 there just might be a Whole Foods across from us by the mall.
I checked out the the solo rosters and recognize a few names:

Dave Haas from Wisconsin - below from 2008

Alberto Blanco, USA - below from 2011

I can't wait to see the 3 Musketeers from Austria - Christof Strausser, Franz Preihs, and Gerhard Gulewicz

See y'all sometime in June.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Anticipation

Starting to get ready for RAAM.  Well, actually preparing for the BBC's annual double century, which I always schedule a few days before RAAM.  This year's double will  be Judah-Springville-Williams-Shoals-French Lick - Birdseye - St Meinrad - Santa Claus - Dale - Otwell - Montgomery - Odon - Springville -

I'm a little worried about our time station location.  I've tried to get an okay from the amigo's at Casa Brava Restaurant for us to take one parking space that is the farthest away from their place, but I haven't gotten any word from them.  I think there is some language barrier.  I don't think there'll be a problem.  I had to move it 50 yards as I don't work at CVS anymore, but this new location will enable the RV's plenty of room in CVS and O'Malia's parking area.  We'll have to steal some electricity at night from the CVS parking lot, too.  Hopefully, there won't be any problems.  We'll make sure to point all the hungry crews toward Casa Brava, CVS, and O'Malia's.

I have no idea who are the favorites, but I'm sure it is Christoff Strauser, winner the past 2 years, and the RAAM record holder.  Last year's weather was rather favorable to the racers and he was close to breaking the 7:00:00:00 barrier.

See you out there!

Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm glad to announce that RAAM shouldn't have any road construction to muddle through in the Bloomington area, finally!  The only concern I see is aggravated motorists on the IN 45-46 four lane bypass around the Indiana University Campus.  The reason being is that there is now a 10 foot bike/pedestrian asphalt path beside it. So, riders and crew may get yelled at to use that!  But, it's summer time and most of the university traffic will be non-existent.  

YoHo's General Store in Solsberry (IN-43) is back in business in a huge way.  In the past the dilapidated general store was just a meeting place for all the farmers in the area.  Mr. Yoho always had gatorade, cokes, and candy bars around for his clients and all the area bicyclists.  He also had YooHoo drink, naturally, and a visitor could gather a lot of history based on some of the remaining sale items hanging around from forty to fifty years ago.  Mr. Yoho passed away about a year ago, and the Cook Foundation, a major philanthropy organization of Southern Indiana, has completely renovated it, while still trying to keep its old charm.

Mr. Yoho always talked fondly of "those bikers racing across the USA with crews of doctors and nurses measuring stuff on the racers."  I'm not sure of what he thought of seeing Jure Robic's Slovenian Army crew with their traditional music blaring, very similar to scenes from the movie Red Dawn  (Sidenote: Robic bypassed Solsberry illegally in the most controversial RAAM ever).  Nevertheless,  RAAM gave him lots of stories to tell all his old cronies around the pot belly stove the past few years before his death. 

I'm still at CVS at 510 South College Mall Rd, so the time station will still be there awaiting all the RAAM riders.  Our goal as always is be available for the racers and crews from the first participant to the last participant.  And, the world famous leader board will be here, too.

Dave Tanner won't be crewing this year but will be assisting me at Time Station #39.  Also, we have a blog: ts38bloomingtonin.blogspot.com